Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chance of getting trademark for "Uniforms"!!!???

       Really..!!!it sounds gr8...till now as a common man,if someone asked me about trademark i used to say some brand names like "LAW DESK INDIA" :) (Don't knit your eyebrows..i'm damn serious..this is a registered mark buddy..have any doubts??? check for Trade mark application number 2030734).

         But today google surprised me with the news that:

        Mother Teresa blue-stripe sari trade marked???!!!!

i know you too have the same feeling as mine..But its not a fake news.

         When we hear the name "Mother Teresa" what comes first to our mind is her white saree with that blue strips.this may be the reason that forced Missionaries of Charity,to an idea of trademarking the same.

        Whatever the reason,i am glad that it got trademarked.According to financial exports it is the first ever uniform to be protected under intellectual property rights.And they reported the same on July 7,2017.."late news.."☺
         Sorry for the late updation..but there may be someone, for them its fresh and fresh only..i think so..This is for you guys..Nope..for us guys..Be updated..